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Berlioz Requiem

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The massive forces (a full orchestra and chorus, not to mention 4 tubas, 16 timpani, and 10 pairs of cymbals) belie the intimate and reverent nature of Hector Berlioz take on the Latin Requiem Mass.  In fact, the full forces are used only in small amounts, though it stretches on to a full hour and twenty-four minutes.  Can’t sleep?  Tune in at 3 am for a complete performance of Berlioz Requiem on Classical 90.7, KVNO!

A Nocturnal Ballet

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Join host Clifford Jones starting at 10 pm for a pair of ballets from Aram Khachaturian and Albert Roussel.  Also on the program is a concerto by Mozart for flute and harp – we hope you’ll tune in from 10 pm to 2 am for Nocturnes on listener-supported, KVNO!

Evening Classics

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Stop by KVNO this evening music by a composer who was the opposite of Mozart, Schubert, and Mendelssohn; also music for a new town council in Leipzig courtesy of J.S. Bach. Finally, join us for this week’s Live at the Concertgebouw at 8 pm – all this and more so tune in!

A Magic Harp

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This afternoon Chairman Mao steps into the picture (or out of it) for a few dances as Schubert plays a magic harp.  We’ll also feature music from Berlioz’s greatest failure.  Tune in from 3 to 6 pm for all this plus Bach, Mozart, and Piazzolla on Classical 90.7, KVNO!

Brahms’ Symphony No 2

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Unlike his first symphony – which took the better part of two decades to complete – Brahms’ Symphony No 2 was composed over a single summer.  Hear a complete performance of Brahms’ Symphony No 2 featuring the Scottish Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Scott Mackerras this afternoon on listener-supported, KVNO!

10 AM – Dances from Around the World

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Grab your passport and your dance shoes as KVNO takes your dancing around the world!  Tune in at 10 am for a complete hour of dance music from various European countries.  Schubert, Grieg, and Dvorak are all on the way this morning at 10 on Classical 90.7, KVNO!

Stravinsky’s “The Firebird”

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In Disney’s Fantasia 2000, the final segment is appropriately tied in with the music from Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird.  It features a Sprite awakening the forest after winter.  A volcanic eruption, however, destroys the Sprite’s work, though with encouragement from her companion elk she begins anew.  The theme of New Life after Destruction ties in with other mythical firebirds – namely, the Phoenix.  Hear the complete ballet suite from Stravinsky’s Firebird this morning on Classical 90.7, KVNO!

Elgar’s Violin Concerto

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Edward Elgar was immensely fond of his own personal jokes and “enigmas,” the greatest example being his “Enigma Variations.”  Elgar’s Violin Concerto carried a dedication in Spanish, “Aqui está encerrada el alma de …..” (“Herein is enshrined the soul of …..”).  It is unknown who is represented by the five periods – it remains one of the many secrets that Elgar took to his grave.  Hillary Hahn plays Elgar’s Violin Concerto during this installment of Starlite Classics.  Also featured is a concerto from Gerald Finzi, a “musical offering” from Bach, and some “romance” from Haydn’s younger brother.  That’s 2 to 6 am on Classical 90.7 FM, KVNO!

Vaughan Williams on Nocturnes

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Tune in from 10 pm to 2 am for Nocturnes with your host, Clifford Jones.  Vaughan Williams’ Symphony No 06 in E minor will start off the program which will also feature music from Vaughan Williams’ friend, Gustav Holst.  A “royal” symphony from Haydn and a rhapsody from Glazunov round out tonight’s show on listener-supported, KVNO!

Dvorak and the CSO

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An all-star cast serenades you during this episode of Evening Classics with Michael Moriarty.  Emanuel Ax, Isaac Stern, Jaime Laredo, and Yo-Yo Ma bring you Dvorak’s Piano Quartet in E-flat right at 6 pm.  If you love Dvorak, stick around – at 8 pm is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s weekly radio broadcast, which will feature Dvorak’s Symphony No 7 as well as Copland’s Symphony No 3.  That’s 6 to 10 pm on Classical 90.7, KVNO!